Restaurant Review: Cafe by the Ruins

Eating good breakfast is already a gift of some morning god already. I am not sure about what’s with coffee, fried rice and eggs that makes any meal so appealing. But adding the element of nature and freshness is a whole different story. Imagine dining in some nature-inspired garden, under a chilly weather but there will be some tasty Arabica coffee to warm you up, freshly-baked pastries, fresh fruits and vegetable salad and a full breakfast meal like no other. That is how my Café by the Ruins experience felt.

Café by the Ruins is one of the restaurants where we dined in during our short Baguio staycation (also read Oh My Gulay here). Dining in here isn’t easy though. We had to line up for about an hour when we arrived at eight in the morning, on a Saturday, to be seated. There are just so many people who wish to dine in here and a lot of them, from how I noticed, are patient and willing to wait. Your orders will be taken when you’re still in the line and will be served shortly when your tables are ready.

We were first served with these cups of Arabica coffee and with this meringue-looking thing that John guessed, is coconut sugar. The cups of coffee were great! It was drizzling that morning and the cups were just perfect jump starts!

Then, we were served with this Enseymada, which was baked from Café by the Ruins’ own bakery. The pastry was fluffy and cheesy and is still soft even if it wasn’t anymore warm. The Enseymada was actually perfect for the coffee but we were very careful to finish this filling thing because we might not be able to enjoy the breakfast meals that we’ve ordered.


Then, these fresh fruits in a cup were served. These are the freshest fruits that I’ve tasted so far! They seem to be hand-picked from the trees and were served straight to us. They were all so succulent and naturally sweet. It was the freshest dessert that  I have ever laid my taste buds on.


Let’s talk about our breakfast meals. I ordered this longanisa which is indeed some loooooooonganisa. I’ve read that the longanisa that they serve are home-made and are unique for Café by the Ruins. The distinct flavors that I’ve managed to taste before finishing the whole thing are the following – salt, garlic, pork, sugar, vinegar and pepper. It was served with egg, lettuce, tomatoes and fried rice. Can this breakfast meal get even better?


John’s order was this Beef Tapa. John seems to be so fond of Tapa these days, no? I remember that he ordered the same meal when we had a breakfast in Mom & Tina’s. Anyway, the serving size for this is larger and it also looks so appetizing, I got kind of envious with how John’s order was served. When I got a bite, I personally think that the Beef Tapa could have tasted better, considering the flavors and fresh ingredients present in Baguio. But overall, I liked how the meat was so tender as if it wasn’t beef at all. He got scrambled eggs with tomatoes which I like too, so we switched our eggs.


John also ordered an extra bacon meal. He got so curious because he read in the menu that these are also home-made. They are flavored and cured in Café by the Ruins’ very own kitchen. Lovely and tasty! The bacon were crispy but still tender. It was also served with fresh lettuce underneath.


Lastly, this egg was also an extra. I stole John’s scrambled ones, remember? 🙂


Overall, we would definitely go to Café by the Ruins again. It was also mentioned that they change their menu every quarter, making Cafe by the Ruins some place to visit every now and then. Still, they maintain the quality of the food and pastries they serve by keeping them home-made. No wonder the cafe is well-loved by the people not just from Baguio but people who have already tried this before.

Let us know if you’ve tried it in here and list your favorites too! You know how much we love hearing from you! 🙂

Cafe by the Ruins
25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet


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