Restaurant Review: Carmen’s

If you’re looking for a garden restaurant with a wide variety of dishes but won’t rob your wallet, we might just know of the place. Located in an easy-to-find spot in Malolos City, Carmen’s Restaurant is one of the few things that make dining in Malolos such a breeze and a truly delectable experience.

We went here one Sunday afternoon, around noon because we (John, my mom and my sister) are all very tired to set the pan up and cook. My mom already ate in here with her colleagues and she highly recommends the place. It was my first time although I’ve seen Carmen’s quite a number of times already because this is located just in the highway and the outdoor dining experience has tickled my curiosity. During evenings, the restaurant even has live bands to serenade dining guests. I’m flagging Carmen’s and I’m making a mental note to spend some dinnertime here for our next visit!

Now, let’s tease our tastebuds!

Since there are four of us, we were able to order quite a number of dishes. My sister ordered for this Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. It was more sweet than sour, when I took a bite, but I love how crunchy it was!


We also ordered a pot of Beef Kare-Kare, my favorite for our whole Carmen’s Restaurant experience. The sauce of the Kare-Kare is in perfect consistency and the serving was actually big. The pot of Kare-Kare has so much meat and vegetable in it that you won’t believe it only costed us 220 PHP!


My preference for Kare-Kare is something that is a bit sweet. Bull’s eye for this one! It was the right kind of sweet for me and I love how prominent its peanut taste is, as well. The meat was also tender. I only have a handful of Kare-Kare dishes that I like. This one surely made it on my list.


My mom is our vegetable expert. When we dine out, my mom makes it a point to order for a vegetable dish to balance everything out. She ordered Carmen’s Pinakbet and my mom and John both agreed that it was delicious! Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to, I wasn’t able to taste this because it has alamang to which I am allergic to. But when it comes to veggies, I would always rely and believe to my mom’s professional judgment.


Lastly, we also ordered this Lechong Kawali. Long and tasty would be the two words that would best describe it. The gravy was also sweet and perfect for the slightly salty flavor of the meat. Did I already shared with you that John has braces? Because of it, he doesn’t eat just anything especially hard-to-chew food. Nonetheless, he was able to enjoy this as well.


We also ordered two plates of Leche Flan Macapuno. Can you imagine that? We ordered two and I didn’t even get the chance to take a single snap. That’s how irresistible the thing is!

Overall, I found dining in Carmen’s a great value for one’s money. The place is nice and well-ventilated and the staff are accommodating. John found all the dishes too sweet but I am still affirming that the Kare-Kare is one of the best that I’ve tasted. We surely are coming back and I hope you get the chance to visit this too! Let us know when you did! 🙂

Carmen’s Restaurant
MacArthur Hwy, Malolos, Luzon, Philippines
+63 44 796 0581


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