Cafe Review: Papi’s Cafe

It’s finally Friday, folks! What better way to celebrate the weekends except chilling out with some coffee and indulging in something sweet. After all the hard work and patience that you had to unleash this week, you deserve it! Do s’mores and donuts sound good? I think so too! Good thing we found this little café in Malolos that takes care of these strong cravings. … Continue reading Cafe Review: Papi’s Cafe

Vanilla Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

This week was so busy and kind of stressful that I need a cupcake (or twelve!). Nothing major’s happening actually, just days which are filled with tasks while I’m stuck with separation anxiety from our Bicol vacation. I am so ready for the weekend. But since it’s too slow and probably procrastinating, I will devour these vanilla cupcakes for the meantime (not that I’m complaining!). … Continue reading Vanilla Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

Cheese Cupcakes

 How about something to sweeten up your day? As you might probably remember, we loved our No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake so much that we decided to create Mango Cheesecake as well. This time, we tried to make little versions of our favorites. We were thinking of something that is bite-sized so as to control our sweet-eating also! And we thought about bringing the cheesecakes to our workplace. Thus, … Continue reading Cheese Cupcakes

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies, cookies, cookies! It’s a delight to wake up and get up a couple of minutes after your alarm burst simply because you don’t need to prepare a breakfast meal. That’s how I’ve felt today after realizing that we still have these delicious oatmeal cookies sealed tight in our jar. As I return to dream land, I imagine these cookies being dipped in a glass … Continue reading Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies